50 Techniques for Shiatsu Chair Massage

In this eBook on Shiatsu Chair Massage Techniques, you’ll find a practical 4-step learning approach. Each massage technique covers:
– Position of the masseur
– Place of the pressure
– Description of massage technique
– Picture of massage technique

An overview of what you will learn in our eBook on chair massage:
– Starting chair massage
– Chair massage techniques
– Warm-up techniques
– Massage of shoulder blade area
– Massage of neck
– Massage of shoulders
– Massage of arm
– Massage of hand
– Massage of wrist
– Massage of back and lower back
– Ending the massage
– Chair massage routine

I hope this chair massage eBook will provide you the necessary techniques for giving a relaxing chair massage.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Danny Demeersseman
  • Publishing House :
    Independently Published
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