Cancer, Hospitals

Shiatsu and Pain Management for End-of-life Patients

Pain therapy for end-of-life patients and people with pain due to degenerative disease, medical intervention or other complex illnesses
Alzheimer, Care Homes

Shiatsu for Severe Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Shiatsu and Aromatherapy have positive effects on the reduction of behavioral disorders in Alzheimer’s patients
Cancer, Hospitals

Support of Cancer Patients with Shiatsu

A single shiatsu session can have a considerable effect on the reduction of chemotherapy-related symptoms.

Supporting Psychotherapists and Counsellors with Shiatsu

Therapists take care of others, hear their stories and support them in their difficulties. Receiving Shiatsu creates more balance in the giving and receiving of support.
Cancer, Hospitals, Mental Health

Shiatsu for Mental Health & Cancer Patients

Shiatsu alleviates pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-relieving chemicals. This reduces the need for pain medication and improves patients’ quality of life
Care Homes

Shiatsu and Dementia

Shiatsu sessions resonated in the memories of residents who were otherwise challenged in that regard – Shiatsu may stimulate a connection with otherwise submerged cognitive resources.
Children, Hospitals

Shiatsu at Hippokratio Pain Clinic

The possibility of using Shiatsu as a complementary tool for chronic pain management became clear to the doctors who had the opportunity to observe Shiatsu sessions.
Children, Empowerment

The ‘Shiatsu Giovani’ Project

Shiatsu helps the children discover two very important aspects of themselves: they experience their boundaries and learn to enjoy their bodies.

Shiatsu for People Emerging from Coma

People with severe brain injuries need exactly what everyone else needs: presence, careful and subtle listening. Shiatsu is a gentle and steady technique that proved its worth in these testing situations.

Shiatsu for Medical Staff in 10 Covid Intensive Care Units in Uruguay

“In 27 years of work as a doctor, this is the first time I have experienced someone taking care of me.” Doctor in Covid ICU, Centro Covid 2, Montevideo, Uruguay.