Ishinpō 醫心方

The oldest surviving Japanese medical text (984 CE), the Ishinpō is today considered a national treasure. It contains descriptions of the causes of various illnesses and their treatment with manual therapy.

The Anma Tebiki ‘An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Anma’

At the core of Anma Tebiki are the chapters dealing with Fukushin, Hara diagnosis, and Ampuku. The Ampuku techniques are described as the “supreme techniques in bodywork”.

Ampuku Zukai ‘An Illustrated Guide to Ampuku’

Ampuku, or traditional Japanese abdominal acupressure, is a highly refined form of manual therapy that provide the base of what later would become Shiatsu.
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History of Japan

A 17th-century account of “the people that penetrate with touch.”