Ocean of Streams: Zen Shiatsu – Meridians, Tsubos and Theoretical Impressions

After twelve years in print and acclaimed use by Shiatsu professionals and students worldwide the author Veet Allan has revisited, remastered and expanded the original ‘Oceans’ book for this new and second edition. Using modern digital illustration techniques Veet has completely redrawn and extended the original Zen Shiatsu based meridian system alongside theoretical material from
Classical Chinese medicine to finally reflect his original vision for the book and subsequent practical and teaching experience.
All illustrations are designed for self-colouring.
On completion by the student or practitioner they provide an accurate pictorial study of the meridians, tsubos or points of Oriental medicine alongside the organ, skeletal and muscular systems of Western medicine.

This expanded new and second edition includes the following. Double the volume of the original book
Over 150 illustrations throughout in greyscale and black line art.
Completely new and redesigned layout including new digital illustrations of the expanded Zen Shiatsu based meridian system, and two of the Primary (extra-ordinary vessels), namely the Du and Ren mai or Supervisor and Controller vessels respectively.
Revised and expanded to now include 123 Point or residential Tsubo studies with their respective names in Chinese characters in addition to pinyin name and Western identification.
New chapter illustrates the skeletal, muscular and organ systems of Western medicine in addition to the Oriental measurement system.

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    Veet Allan
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