Physiology of Shiatsu: for beginners

“Physiology of Shiatsu for beginners” is a compilation of the seminars given by Dr. Federico Santamaría at the Japanese Shiatsu School of Master Shigeru Onoda in Madrid (Spain) in recent years.

The author explains in a simple -adapted to students without previous health training- languaje what are the mechanisms of action of Shiatsu from the point of view of Western science.

Shiatsu has physical effects on the organism of our patients, which can be explained from a neurological, hormonal and biochemical point of view.

With our pressures we induce cellular stress, a transitory ischemia, we act on proprioceptive receptors, we provoke the secretion of endorphins, and we modulate the activity of organs and viscera through the tsubos, which are access points to the central nervous system, capable of activating brain areas at a distance.

An essential text to understand Shiatsu from our western mentality.

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    Dr. Federico Santamaría Blanco
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    Independently published
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