Second Book of Do-In 2 Art of Rejuvenation through Self-massage

The ancient Do-in art is a secret teaching. Of all the mysterious wonders of the human organism, none is more vital than the source and workings of its energy. An inexhaustible supply of strength and stamina seem to animate some men while others lack this power to perform, regenerate and remain youthful as well as capable of warding off illnesses. Mankind’s original self-healing art, Do-in stand unique in its ability to heal and rejuvenate the body, it prevents illnesses by the maintenance of an immune defense and, as such, is widely acclaimed by the healthy practicing student.. This gentle but energizing self-massage on certain local areas of the body regenerate and heal. Using the same acupoints as those of acupuncture but applied with fingertip strokes and does not puncture the skin. The practice of these massages and exercises is simple and requires no unusual skill of flexibility. Each step is clearly shown, profusely illustrated in non-technical terms. Moreover it can be done privately without tutoring or guide. All directions given in this book are specifically meant for self-application to one’s own body.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Jacques de Langre
  • Publishing House :
    Happiness Press
  • Publishing Year :