Shiatsu for endometriosis

Traditional Japanese Medicine counts among its therapeutic disciplines to deal with the disease with Shiatsu. A holistic therapy based on pressures with the thumbs and palms of the hands, which understand the body-mind tandem as a whole, returning it to its state of natural balance, stimulating the self-healing capacity of the human body, stimulating the muscular system, nervous , endocrine, circulatory, etc.Thanks to the author’s clinical experience and his curiosity as a researcher, it has been possible to present in this work a complete protocol of non-invasive treatment with shiatsu, for one of the silent diseases that every day affects more women of childbearing age today worldwide, Endometriosis. From the perspective of shiatsu, work on the most annoying symptoms of endometriosis to reduce them to their minimum manifestation, to be able to enjoy life in full. Happily.

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  • Book Author :
    Daniel Díaz Collado
  • Publishing House :
    Independently Published
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