Shiatsu: Health and vitality at your fingertips

Shiatsu, literally finger pressure, is a manual massage method used on various muscles of the body to treat a number of illnesses. When a part of the human body hurts, the natural instinct is to touch it. Shiatsu scientifically systematizes that instinct into an effective treatment method. Touching muscle in good condition produces no unusual sensation. Touching a muscle that is out of order causes pain, but if done the shiatsu way it also restores circulation, improves metabolism, and soon puts the out of order muscle into perfect condition again. Shiatsu has proven itself a safe and speedy remedy for a wide range of disorders: high blood pressure, insomnia, neuralgia, rheumatism, stomach and intestinal complaints, bedwetting, and many more. It also quickly does away with fatigue and stiff shoulders of the sort one gets from long hours at the steering wheel of an automobile or at the typewriter. One of the most important features of shiatsu treatment is that you can do it anywhere and by yourself. Three minutes of proper shiatsu massage when you are worn out will have you feeling like a new person again. Your health is your most valuable possession. This book shows you how shiatsu helps guard that health.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Tokujiro Namikoshi
  • Publishing House :
    Japan Publications Inc
  • Publishing Year :