Shiatsu Therapy for Horses: Know Your Horse and Yourself Better Through Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a gentle, deeply effective holistic system of health care. It comes from Asia and has been developing for over 5,000 years. A sister therapy to acupuncture, it employs finger pressure to gently stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Touch is also an extremely important method of communication between individuals of one species and between species, and horses are particularly responsive to both the healing and the communication touch of shiatsu. Many of the techniques that Pamela Hannay demonstrates in this book are simple, can be learned quickly and are easy to apply. They are safe because they require only the application of the hands in a gentle and natural way. They treat physical problems and those of emotional pain and stress. The author emphasizes the importance of self-preparation for the practitioner and shows how meditation can help develop an understanding of how a horse thinks and feels. Among the many benefits of this therapy are: – Early recognition and treatment of problems before they escalate – Treatment and elimination of muscular-skeletal problems including stiffness and some forms of chronic lameness – Maintenance of suppleness thus reducing susceptibility to injury – Maximizing physical potential – Activating the immune system – Stimulating circulation, the nervous system and the release of hormones – Relaxing and energizing the horse and promoting a feeling of well-being – Establishing and deepening communication between horse and rider Pamela Hannay, who was one of the world’s leading practitioners, guides the reader through the theory and practice of shiatsu by means of over 300 colour and black and white photographs, detailed colour meridian location charts and point location charts, and easy-to-follow instructions and explanations that will ensure everyone can be more in touch with his or her horse. The joy Pamela felt in this work is evident throughout the book. Shiatsu becomes a tool for creating a happier life.

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  • Book Author :
    Pamela Hannay
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    J.A.Allen & Co
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