Shiatsu: What it is, What it Does, Why it Matters

A new book about shiatsu therapy, its philosophy and practice in the clinical setting. The book interleaves discussions about the philosophy and history behind shiatsu and its practical application with details of 25 varied stories and case histories taken from the author’s practice, and discusses where the therapy’s future lies in the wider world of health care. It is written for those who are curious about the therapy, for students of shiatsu, for practitioners, and for psychologists and doctors who want to understand how the therapy is used. Incuded in the case studies is an appraisal of a historical conundrum – the case of Darwin’s Stomach. The author diagnoses what is known about the symptoms that Darwin suffered throughout his life and comes to an orginal conclusion about what may have caused them.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Andrew Kennedy
  • Publishing House :
    Gravity Publishing
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