Softening Our Gaze: Shiatsu and the Inner Landscape

Shiatsu, Japanese manual meridian therapy, embodies in all its benevolence a rich background in the comprehensive wisdom of Eastern medicine. In Softening Our Gaze, Joyce Vlaarkamp describes the landscape from which shiatsu originates and where it engages and interacts, with particular focus on the symbolism of the meridians and organs represented in this landscape. You will find descriptions of meridian trajectories, specific characteristics, qualities of the various provinces within the body, emotions, spirits, colours, and approaches for shiatsu treatment.After reading this book, you will understand how, by cultivating relationship with your own Inner Landscape and the three dantians and treating from this symbolic perspective, you can beneficially influence the flow of Ki – with the aim of converting potential into manifestation. Written both for the practitioner and the interested receiver.

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    Joyce Vlaarkamp
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