Tales of 100 treatments

It is a collection of 58 articles published in the 70-80s in the Japanese magazine “Ningen-Igaku” (Human Medicine). Here there are some lines written by the author in the preface:
“Western medicine scientifically studies abstract phenomena according to disease name. However, even if a same disease name is given, from the Oriental medicine perspective,I often keenly feel that precise treatment is impossible if you do not consider how patients with similar symptoms might differ in constitution, personality, and environment,which involves very different disease mechanisms and required responses. It occurred to me that people might benefit from reading my impressions of practical experience in those kinds of clinical cases”.
These stories are autobiographical and deal intensely with the idea and philosophy of Keiraku shiatsu from the point of view and lifestyle adopted by Masunaga sensei. In this volume, not only he describes the treatments and modalities specific of Iokai, but also the strategy of therapy and the causes of illness, selecting important cases from his own experience.
The contents of this book are still relevant and useful for the growth of all shiatsu practitioners/teachers and are very important to perform the treatments considering sho (oriental diagnosis) and kyo and jitsu according to the indications of Shizuto Masunaga.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Shizuto Masunaga
  • Publishing House :
    Shiatsu Milano Editore
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