Tao Shiatsu: Life Medicine for the 21st Century

Hands have been used for healing since the beginning of humankind. Doin-ankyo, the Oriental hand-healing method, was developed in China five thousand years ago. At that time in China, it was the basis of all medical practice, whose traditional purpose was to restore the natural healthy state of the mind and body. The hand-healing method uses natural ki energy and is still the best way to achieve that healthy state. It was brought to Japan and became shiatsu, hand-pressure therapy. In the hands of a master, shiatsu therapy is pure magic. But how does a beginner make the leap from books and charts to true healing power? In the book, Ryokyu Endo explains that the magic of shiatsu comes from the inner spirit of the healer. Using simple, straightforward language, Endo describes the fundamental concepts of Eastern philosophy that inform all holistic medicine—yin and yang, ki, meridians and empathy—and shows how anyone can use Taoist principles to master the art of shiatsu. Beginners will welcome the detailed, step-by-step instructions of whole-body shiatsu, including a separate guide to shiatsu for children. Higher-level practitioners will expand their diagnostic skills through the meridianal diagrams and explore Endo’s theory of twenty-four meridians running through the body. From the basics to advanced therapeutic techniques, this book is an excellent companion to a lifetime of shiatsu study.

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  • Book Author :
    Ryokyu Endo
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    Independently Published
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