Thai Massage and Shiatsu Body Massage: Massage, Yoga, Acupressure and Stretches for Physical and Mental Health, Shown in 1000 Step-by-step

This unique book offers the best of two distinct but complementary bodywork techniques. Both Thai massage and shiatsu rebalance the body’s energy through targeted pressure and careful stretching, bringing physical and emotional harmony, as well as deep relaxation. Originally based on ancient Indian and Chinese texts, these systems are used today as gentle but highly effective – and enjoyable – methods of improving health and well-being. Thai Massage is a powerful and dynamic form of massage – which is also known as Thai yoga massage. In a typical session, the practitioner works intensively with one recipient to rebalance their body and spirit, bringing profound calm and helping to ease all kinds of complaints. Giver and receiver develop a special rapport – the flowing interaction between them has often been likened to a kind of dance. The principles of Shiatsu are rooted in the traditions of Oriental medicine, using energy channels and points similar to those used in acupuncture but involving non-invasive touch, pressure, stretching and mobilization techniques. Shiatsu can treat many conditions, including sports injuries and stress-related problems, but it is also used as a preventative treatment – to boost the immune system, improve circulation, and to help the body to thoroughly relax. This practical book gives expert step-by-step instruction and guidance on these massage techniques. There are complete body routines for total in-depth treatments, as well as shorter sequences that target specific areas of the body. Specially devised adaptations for pregnant women, for older people and for those with infirmities are included. With an authoritative text and over 600 specially commissioned step-by-step photographs and clear diagrams, this compendium offers a safe, effective and achievable way to a healthier body and serene mind.

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  • Book Author :
    Nicky Smit, Hilary Tota
  • Publishing House :
    Lorenz Books
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