The Atlas of Musculo-skeletal Anatomy

The Atlas of Musculo-skeletal Anatomy is the parent of the best-selling The Concise Book of Muscles, and has been written as the complete reference guide for all students and practitioners of anatomy, massage / bodywork, physical therapy, chiropractic, medicine, physiotherapy, or any other health-related field. Containing over 520 full-colour illustrations, it is unusually clear, accessible, and readable. The book is arranged in two parts; the first section covers the anatomical movements, tissues, the physiology of bones and muscles, and in-depth information on the joints. The second part of the book clearly identifies the origin, insertion, innervation, action and blood supply (extensively cross-referenced) for each skeletal muscle.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Chris Jarmey
  • Publishing House :
    Lotus Publishing
  • Publishing Year :