The new shiatsu method- Helping the body to heal itself

Endo explains the origins and principles of ki, tsubo points, and meridians, as well as techniques for breathing and meditation, necessary for improving one’s ki power. There is also a step by step illustrated guide on how to practice these techniques on oneself or on others. However, most important of all, a good healer must know how to be ‘of one heart and mind with the patient’.””.He also demonstrates how to visualize meridians and locate ‘Tsubo, ‘ and provides a detailed, clearly illustrated, step-by-step guide to his treatment techniques that can be practiced by the individual on him/herself or on a partner in order to heal a specific ailment or generally promoted a sense of wellbeing.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Ryokyu Endo
  • Publishing House :
    NY: Kodansha
  • Publishing Year :