Do-In, Tao yoga for health and energy: A guide to the art of using meridian stretches, self-massage and meditation to promote circulation

Do-In is a revolutionary yet centuries-old way to maintain health and harmony. Standard reference book Do-In, Tao Yoga for Health and Energy offers in a very accessible way exercises for more balance in the bustle of everyday life. Do-In has been developed under the influence of taoism and oriental medicine. According to taoïst philosophy, the world is a unity where everything is composed of energy (known as ki, chi of qi), including human beings. This energy is constantly in motion. Do-In is ‘yoga of oriental medicine’ and is an effective form to cultivate your inner strength and peace. Lilian Kluivers explains in a practical way the meridian system and the Five Elements in combination with Do-In exercises. Do-In helps to prevent obstructions in your energy flow and contributes to greater energy and health, regardless of experience, age or flexibility. Do-In, Tao Yoga for Health and Energy, offers a great variety of exercises, clearly explained and illustrated, that anyone can practice at home. Lilian Kluivers is one of the best known Do-In teachers worldwide. She’s head of Do-In Academy, an international education for Do-In. She teaches Do-In classes, workshops and does personal consultations in which she integrates the oriental wisdom of Do-In, shiatsu, nutrition, astrology and lifestyle. Lilian integrates her knowledge and experience and let it come to life through Do-In. She can connect East and West so we can all benefit from the wisdom and practice in our daily life. “Do-In makes you more energetic, more cheerful, more relaxed and healthier”, Happinez “Everything you need to balance your body and stimulate its self healing capacity”, Onkruid Magazine “Do-In, tao yoga for health and energy adds awareness of the meridians to the yoga asanas. This improves the energy flow and integrates body and mind”, Yoga Magazine

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    Lilian Kluivers
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