The essence of Makkō-Hō and the stretches of Masunaga

What are the foundations of the famous Makkō-Hō series and the stretches of Masunaga? What are the similarities and differences between these series? Can you become more flexible? What effect would that have on your overall health? And what do the stretches have to do with life energy? In The essence of Makkō-Hō and the stretches of Masunaga, Do-In teacher and trainer Lilian Kluivers gives thorough and clear answers to these questions and more. Makkō-Hō and the Six Stretches of Masunaga look pretty similar but have their own focus and benefits. Lilian Kluivers gives detailed insights in both series so they can be practiced as they were meant to. She explains how life energy, meridians and the meridian extensions of the famous teacher Masunaga work, and gives alternative versions of traditional exercises. Essential for Do-In teachers, shiatsu therapists, yoga teachers and everyone who wants to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. “We live in a world where yoga is hot in a multitude of styles and a cornucopia of information is available on the internet. It’s almost impossible to find what fits you best. In that case, going back to basics and diving into one single discipline is a great idea. Lilian Kluivers made the choice to take us on a journey into the ancient practice of the basic series of Do-In. The origins, philosophy, exercises, adaptations for physical challenges and the health benefits are all covered in depth. She is thorough in her approach of all aspects, but in a way that invites you to immediately get to work on moving energy through your meridians, nourishing your organs, creating a higher level of wellbeing and a renewed acquaintance with your body and mind. Because as soon as you read this book, you will know for sure: Do-In is for everyone and I want to know more about it!”Yoff Kau, teacher TCM, Meridians and Do-In, Dutch Shiatsu College.

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    Lilian Kluivers
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    Independently Published
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