The Book of Shiatsu

The Book of Shiatsu is an instructional shiatsu book by Saul Goodman. Shiatsu massage, like acupuncture and herbology, is a natural healing therapy which has been used for thousands of years to maintain health and longevity. Successful in relieving physical symptoms and discomforts, shiatsu is an emerging as a valuable tool for increasing awareness of the human body, as well as stimulating effective communication through touch. Shiatsu is available to anyone desiring to strengthen their knowledge of physical health and emotional and mental balance. The Book of Shiatsu is beautifully detailed, with nearly 300 clear photographs and illustrations. The book provides simple step-by-step instructions for whole body shiatsu. It points out important acupuncture points for specific symptoms, and includes exercises for developing sensitivity and touch. The Book of Shiatsu also presents techniques for assessing personal physical condition and methods for improving personal health, including dietary suggestions.

Book Info

  • Book Author :
    Saul Goodman
  • Publishing House :
    Avery Publishing Group
  • Publishing Year :