Care Homes, Children, Empowerment

Shiatsu and Children Development – Samurai Program

The Samurai-Program encourages age-appropriate development, and personal safety and responsibility through touch, movement, and awareness training.
Empowerment, Mental Health

Shiatsu and Mental Health

I use kindness and listening to create a safe place to talk and receive body work – this is sometimes the only place they receive any physical touch.
Empowerment, General

Shiatsu – A Way Of Life

Shiatsu can do a lot to benefit people and provide personal autonomy. No tools – just our hands. It’s incredible! If one day we find that we have to look after ourselves, Shiatsu will come in handy.
Empowerment, Hospitals

Shiatsu for Mothers of Premature Babies

Our aim was to strengthen the mothers, so they could be physically, mentally and emotionally available for their babies and promote breast feeding.
Children, Empowerment

The ‘Shiatsu Giovani’ Project

Shiatsu helps the children discover two very important aspects of themselves: they experience their boundaries and learn to enjoy their bodies.

Shiatsu for Change

Shiatsu For Change was set up to provide affordable Shiatsu, Qigong and self-healing. The goal of this project is to give women the choice to take more responsibility for their own physical and mental health and wellbeing.